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Car Sandblasting

Experience Matters

We have been sandblasting cars for over 20 Years

Cost to sandblast a car?

The cost to sandblast a car will vary from job to job. Important considerations when quoting a job are listed below. If a customer can provide this information at time of requesting a quote, we can often provide a price instantly.

  1. What make and model is the car?
  2. Are there surfaces on the car that you do not want blasted?
  3. Will the car be supplied on a rotisserie?
  4. What condition is the car in? Is it painted>? Does it have rust, filler or body deadener?

Other Automotive Parts we can sandblast

We not only sandblast car bodies but all types of automotive components. We can do these singularly or in sets, but the more we do at once the more cost effective it will be. Anything from car panels, boots, doors and bonnets through to rims, chassis and other underbody componentry.

We also regularly sandblast bike frames, ute trays, bull bars and almost any steel parts that require restoration.


Add-On Services for car restoration

Blast N Peen Melbourne is a division of Doogood Surface Coatings Pty Ltd. Therefore we have a number of add0on services we can provide to help you with your car restoration project. Solutions post blasting such as Etch Priming, Epoxy Priming, Zinc Phosphating and Rust Inhibitors are readily available,

as well as industrial top coats for underbody parts in 2-Pack or Powder coating finishes. We also have specialised coating systems such as Black Knight, Fluorobond and Zinc Flake which provide protection and dry-film lubrication to hardware found in cars like bolts, nuts, washers, springs and brackets.

Car sandblasting is our speciality. Watch video to see how we sandblasted & primed a 1967 Dodge Charger

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